Sunday, July 3, 2011

Soggy Bottoms

Liz and I are about as ready for the triathlon as we're going to be.  We were planning to go for a bike ride today, but Liz suggested we take advantage of the Lake access to practice the transition from the swim to the bike. We've done several brick workouts where we get off of the bike and transition to the run. It takes a while for your legs to adjust when you switch activities, but it's a pretty easy transition. We haven't practiced getting out of the water and getting into our shoes, helmets, etc. and getting on the bikes wet.

We slept in a bit this morning and hit the water a little after 10am. We were in the clothes we plan to wear for the triathlon and had a fake transition area set up in the garage with our bikes. We swam across the cove and back just to get a feel for the swim and then went to the transition.

I think the transitions are going to be where I'm slowest compared to experienced triathletes. I can compete in the run, I'm not too far off the front in the bike, and I expect to swim okay (not fast, but okay). But I'm slow in the transitions. To be honest, I'm not at a point where I'm even interested in improving my transition time. I just want to get through the transitions semi-smoothly.

Today was fine and we were able to experience getting on the bikes while we're still wet.

We rode around Terre du Lac for about an hour but didn't worry too much about time or distance. It was a beautiful ride, but very hot and humid (of course). As long as we were moving, it felt okay.

(Liz riding over the small dam at the North end of the Lake.)
(Riding across the big dam on the South side of the Lake.)

(Liz and the view over the far side of the dam.)

It was a good morning workout and good practice and we're officially one week away from Race Day!!!

Goal For The Day: Bike Ride
Distance: 12.41 Miles.
Time: 1:03:23. 11.7mph avg.
Route: Ride around Terre du Lac.
Conditions: Hot and Humid. 10:15AM.

Notes: A good workout and it's nice having the Lake for workouts and to relax in after. Liz took a little spill in the driveway after the ride and took it like a champ. Rick drove over her goggles in the garage. Turns out to be a bad idea setting up your transition area in front of someone's car! Looks like we're going shopping before the tri. New gear!!!

Daily Miles: 12.41 Miles.
Blog Totals:
  Run - 57.64 Miles.
  Bike - 42.51 Miles.
  Swim - 2,700+ meters.

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