Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gear Check - RoadID

In 2007, I was almost hit by a drunk driver while I was out for a run. I was in my apartment complex and on the sidewalk a block from my apartment. A car came around the corner, hopped the curb, missed hitting me by about three feet, smashed into a light pole, drove up and over the pole, and slammed into a parked car.

I ran to the driver's side door to see if the woman driving was okay. As I got up to the car, she backed her car up over the light pole and continued driving into the parking lot with me and a couple other people chasing her. The woman parked and stumbled out of her car just around the corner from my apartment. I asked if she was okay and tried to get her to stay still in case she was hurt and didn't know it.

When the woman realized she had been in an accident, she actually got back in the car and was going to drive away. I took her keys and tried to explain she could be hurt and shouldn't be moving. She was trying to explain that she hadn't had that much to drink when the police arrived. They put her in handcuffs and explained that she had already hit two other cars at the gas station a mile away where she was buying more vodka.

This is the poor guy's car she hit (after Ameren came to take the light pole off of it):

I can't remember when I first heard about RoadID, but I rarely go for a run or bike ride without it. Most people don't take any identification with them when they leave the house for a workout. If anything were to happen to them, whoever tried to help would have no idea who they are or who to call. RoadID is a way to keep important personal information with you in the event of an emergency.

RoadID makes several kinds of ID you can wear. I have a dogtag with my Name, Home Town, Emergency Contact Phone Numbers, My Blood Type, and "No Regrets" printed on the front. You can also choose a quote or design for the back. My tag says, "I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious."

Liz has the velcro band she can wear around her wrist or ankle.

RoadID makes several kinds of ID you can wear. I like the dogtags, but some people don't like that they bounce a little during a run. Liz's band gets pretty sweaty over the course of a run. Each ID has pros and cons and which you buy depends on personal preference. The important thing is to have emergency information with you when you need it.

Cars have come close to hitting me, people have thrown things at me, I've fallen off of my bike, I run in ridiculous heat. Any number of things could happen that would leave me unable to tell people who I am or who to notify if I'm hurt. Road ID could be the difference between my family meeting me at the hospital and me being admitted as a John Doe.

Goal For The Day: Rest.
Distance: 0.00 Miles.

Notes: Tomorrow is the Opening Act 5K in Chesterfield. I'll move my Long Run to Monday morning.

Daily Miles: 0.00 Miles.
Blog Totals:
  Run - 124.22 Miles.
  Bike - 67.68 Miles.
  Swim - 4,450+ meters.

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