Friday, July 15, 2011

Feelin' It

I've never trained for a marathon with two days of hard intervals each week. In fact, I've had trouble staying consistent with speedwork over the course of a full training schedule. After a long race on Sunday, this week's workouts have added up and today I was feeling the fatigue in my legs.

It's been a long time since training has made my legs feel this tired. I've been running for so long that it takes a lot to make my legs tired and sore. Usually, it's more of a general lack of energy that slows me down. Or I'll occasionally feel like my breathing can't keep up with my legs. But today, I was feeling a little sore and my legs were definitely having to work during the morning's intervals.

Even with intervals, my main problem tends to be running out of breath and feeling a full-body meltdown as I'm getting into the later intervals. It usually isn't my legs feeling especially worn out. Today, I could feel the heaviness in my legs from the first interval.

Today's plan was Bannister Repeats (8 x 400m). My times stayed consistent through all 8 intervals but the last couple of intervals felt very different from the first three or four. I started out feeling controlled and steady. By the last few intervals I was just trying to keep my cadence up and my form felt more awkward and strained.

I found this picture online and thought it was a great representation of my last few intervals today. Someone else at the track might have seen me running the same times throughout the workout, but I felt very different inside as the workout went on.

I felt good about getting through all 8 intervals not only because of the physical benefit of the workout, but because it was good mental practice. Now I'll know that I can still turn out a good, hard pace even when I'm feeling that tired.

Tomorrow is a day off before Sunday's Long Run so my legs will get a nice chance to rest and recover.

Goal For The Day: Bannister Repeats
Distance: 4.00 Miles.
Time: 8 x 400m. (1:15, 1:14, 1:14, 1:15, 1:16, 1:15, 1:15, 1:15). 2 minute breaks.
Route: Eureka H.S. Track.
Conditions: 76 degrees. 7:00AM.

Notes: 1 Mile warm-up. 8 x 400m. 1 Mile cool-down. Goal was 1:15 each. Nice weather today. Cooler and less humid.

Daily Miles: 4.00 Miles.
Blog Totals:
  Run - 97.21 Miles.
  Bike - 62.51 Miles.
  Swim - 3,700+ meters.

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