Friday, October 21, 2011

Frost? Really?

The temperature climbed into the 80's during my Long Run on Sunday. Today, I walked outside to find the ground covered in frost. You have to Love Missouri weather!

I made some more modifications to this week's schedule. Liz and I registered for a 5k that we'll be running Saturday night. Since I'll be running on a scheduled day of rest, I took yesterday off and ran yesterday's Middle Distance today.

I ran a brisk 8 miles this morning and took my Flip along hoping to spot some deer in the park. I didn't get out the door until 7:30 though so no deer sightings today. I did shoot a short video of the field by Kircher Park covered in frost. It might not look like much in this video, but there's something about running by this field early in the morning. The sun rises over the tree line and the field often has a look about it that just makes it special. This morning it was frost. Some mornings, it's a low-lying fog. Some mornings, the grass is tall and blowing in the wind. It's just a field, but I look forward to passing it in the mornings.

My run went well today. I finally got some cold weather practice and had my winter running clothes on. I think the cold air has a numbing and anti-inflammatory effect on my legs because they felt surprisingly fresh today.

It was a great way to start the morning and I'm hoping for similar weather on Race Day.

Goal For The Day: Rest.
Distance: 0.00 Miles.

Goal For The Day: Middle Distance.
Distance: 8.35 Miles.
Time: 57:58. 6:57 Avg. (7:06, 6:47, 6:49, 6:52, 6:42, 7:02, 6:43, 7:24, 2:30*).
Route: To Rte 66/1 Lap/Home.
Conditions: 36 degrees. 7:30am.

Notes: It wouldn't be as fun for the spectators, but I'm hoping for Race Day temps in the upper 30's or lower 40's. It seems to be cooling off just in time. Let's hope there isn't a sudden heat wave in New York on the 6th.

Daily Miles: 8.35 Miles.
Blog Totals:
  Run - 496.35 Miles.
  Bike - 144.45 Miles.
  Swim - 12,450+ meters.

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