Sunday, October 30, 2011

Everyone's Riding The Momentum

Today was my last 'Long Run' before the marathon. One week from today, I'll be putting over four months worth of training to the test. In fact, by this time next week, I'll be recovering and enjoying New York City!

Today's run went exceptionally well. But first, we spent another fun day with Liz's parents and took a hike through West Tyson County Park. Liz and I have hiked this trail before but it was absolutely gorgeous today with all of the Fall colors.

After Kim and Nancy left for the drive home to Kansas City, Liz and I went for our Sunday runs. This week is going to be busy with all of the preparations for our trip so Liz ran tonight instead of tomorrow. I had 8 miles on the schedule for my final Long Run and I got out the door just before 6:00pm.

I wanted to get another fast run in today but I also didn't want to push the pace too much because I need to be fully rested for next week. I was trying to run in the range of 6:45 per mile. When I checked my watch, I found out I had been running much faster than that.

My plan was to run to Route 66 State Park, run a lap, and then run home. When I got to the park, the sun had already set so I knew there was a good chance I would be kicked out when the park closed. I was only about a half-mile through the 2-mile loop when the park ranger drove by and told me I could either turn around and go out the way I came, or run out the rear entrance along the outer road. He eventually offered to wait if I really wanted to finish my lap, but I felt bad keeping him late on a Sunday evening.

I ran under the highway and out the outer road and the distance ended up being almost identical to what it would have been if I had stayed in the park. I had to be careful on the way back because the mile-or-so of road from the park to Old Town Eureka has no shoulder and it was definitely dark out. I stopped and stepped off the road a couple of times to let some cars pass because they didn't seem to be aware of my presence.

I ran 8 miles in 52:32... an average pace of 6:34 per mile. Holy crap! I don't think I've ever run that far, that fast, and still felt that good!

I wasn't the only one feeling good on Sunday though. The previously winless Rams shocked the NFL by beating the Saints 31-21!!! Last week, the Saints destroyed the other winless team in the NFL, the Colts, by a score of 62-7. Today, the Rams brought the World Series Champion Cardinals on the field for the pre-game ceremony. Apparently some of that Cardinal magic is contagious because no one thought the Rams were going to pull an upset Sunday.

Let's keep the magic rolling for one more week so I can run a PR in New York!

Goal For The Day: Long Run.
Distance: 8.01 Miles.
Time: 52:32. 6:34 Avg. (6:44, 6:19, 6:21, 6:30, 6:21, 6:25, 6:41, 7:06).
Route: To Route 66/Out the river bypass/Home.
Conditions: 62 degrees. 6:00pm.

Notes: I felt chilly off and on all day and it seemed cooler in our house than it did outside so I was a little over-dressed for my run. I didn't need the long sleeves. I was a little warm but still ran okay. I wore all of my Race Day gear including carrying my water bottle so I could get one more dress rehearsal in. All of the hard work is done. Two more short runs this week and then it's just a waiting game.

Daily Miles: 8.01 Miles.
Blog Totals:
  Run - 540.50 Miles.
  Bike - 144.45 Miles.
  Swim - 13,450+ meters.

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