Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Routine, Routine, Routine

Hospital Hill is just over three weeks away and I've packed my week with a training routine that will get me ready for the race in a relatively short amount of time... or leave me very worn out.

I've been pretty good about working in a day off here and there, but my routine now has me running 6 out of 7 days in the week:

Monday - Speedwork with MO Run Co.
Tuesday - Hill Repeats on Top Notch.
Wednesday - Middle Distance or Rest.
Thursday - Hill Repeats on Never Ending Hill Of Doom.
Friday - Short Speedwork in FiveFingers.
Saturday - Long Run.
Sunday - Rest (Or a short, Easy Run).

I thought running this morning after last night's workout would be counterproductive so I saved it for later today. I was able to leave work a little early and ran hill repeats before dinner.

I ran 6 x Top Notch again this week and even though it was the day after some tough speedwork, I felt better than when I ran the same thing last week with a day off in between. Still, before I went to bed, I got out The Stick and tried to work out some of the soon-to-be soreness. I like our foam roller, but The Stick is great for hitting more specific muscles and working out knots and kinks. I'm a big fan and should use it even more often than I already do.

(The Stick.)

Goal For The Day: Hill Repeats.
Distance: 3.49 Miles.

Time: 29:02. 8:19 Avg. (7:43, 8:12, 8:59, 4:07*).
Route: 6 x Top Notch.
Conditions: 72 degrees. 4:59PM.
Run Details On Garmin

Notes: Free, all-you-can-eat chips 'n' salsa totally hit the spot after a good workout!!! Last week, I averaged 8:48 per mile on this run... today was 8:19 per mile!

Daily Miles: 3.49 Miles.
2012 Totals:
  Run - 334.67 Miles.
  Bike - 0.00 Miles.
  Swim - 7,450 meters.

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