Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jekyll And Hyde

Running can be like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Sometimes, going for a run involves all of the healthy, refreshing, peaceful benefits that I've come to Love. Sometimes, there just isn't much about it that's fun and I spend most of the run looking forward to when I get to stop. I think the latter type of run is more likely to happen when I'm training for something instead of just running for fun.

Today was a Mr. Hyde kind of day. I ran 3 x The Never Ending Hill Of Doom and I can't really say I was enjoying myself. I wasn't in horrible pain. I wasn't completely exhausted. But I also didn't feel any real joy by running up a really long, really steep hill over and over. This is the kind of day to just put your head down and work your way through it.

The great thing about running is, even when it isn't a pleasant Dr. Jekyll kind of experience, it comes with a sense of satisfaction. The Mr. Hyde days aren't fun during the run, but I sure feel good after. Not just because I got to stop at the end, but because I feel like I accomplished something. I exerted a little willpower and chose to do something difficult. And, most importantly, I made myself better prepared and more likely to really have some fun when I want to challenge myself.

Sometimes, running is about the journey and not the destination... those are the fun days when running is something I Love right then... while I'm out there doing it.

Sometimes, running is about the destination and not the journey... those are the days that are true 'workouts' and I only enjoy them because of what they do to help me when it comes time to race.

Today was a day to focus on the destination because the journey involved a long, repetitive hill.

Goal For The Day: Hill Repeats.
Distance: 4.51 Miles.
Time: 37:52. 8:23 Avg. (7:32, 7:32, 8:39, 9:45, 4:22*).
Route: 3 x Never Ending Hill Of Doom.
Conditions: 54 degrees. 7:52AM.
Run Details On Garmin

Notes: A late start today. I should be getting out the door earlier. That probably contributed to my preoccupation with getting the run over with. I knew I was pressed for time.

Daily Miles: 4.51 Miles.
2012 Totals:
  Run - 344.14 Miles.
  Bike - 0.00 Miles.
  Swim - 8, 250 meters.

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