Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Five Thousands

I went to the track this morning to run the workout I missed Monday night. School must be out because I left the only footprints in the Field of Dew.

I was dreading this workout a little. Running with the group on Monday nights has been so helpful that even the tough sprints went better than they would have if I ran them alone. Today's workout was 5 x 1,000 meters with 3 minutes of rest between intervals. I really expected to struggle through the workout and not enjoy myself.

I was pleasantly surprised!

I went with the same goal pace from the past few weeks (1:25 per lap) which set a goal of running each interval in 3:32. Between the cooler weather and an easier workout yesterday, the first interval felt really good. After that, I expected each interval to feel harder and harder but I made it through all five with a fairly even perceived effort. That might have been a sign that my rest period between intervals was too long but I was feeling good so I didn't mess with it.

There isn't a track session next week because of Memorial Day so I'll pick it up again after the half marathon.
Goal For The Day: Speedwork.
Distance: 5.10 Miles.
Time: 5 x 1,000m (3:30, 3:31, 3:31, 3:31, 3:30).
Route: Eureka H.S. Track.
Conditions: 59 degrees. 7:15AM.

Notes: I still ran the warm-up that I would have done at the group session. Not a bad workout. I hope I keep feeling this good over the next two weeks!
Daily Miles: 5.10 Miles.
2012 Totals:
  Run - 393.11 Miles.
  Bike - 0.00 Miles.
  Swim - 8,250 meters.

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