Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Virtual 10k

I've mentioned the Two Gomers podcast before and I'll probably talk more about them for next week's Motivation Monday. The Gomers are between 'seasons' right now but a lot of listeners still keep up with them through their Facebook page and the guys put out an update podcast about every month or so.

Over the weekend, they invited their listeners to join them for a 'Virtual 5k or 10k'. There was no fee, but people were able to register on Sunday and Monday and then could run 3.1 or 6.2 miles on their own wherever they happened to be anytime on Monday. By the end of Labor Day, people sent in their times and got to see how they stack up against other listeners from around the world. Like most Gomer challenges, the virtual race was more about having fun and relating to other fans than it was about competition.

Unfortunately, I didn't find out about the invitation until after I had run my Long Run on Sunday and already had plans for our Long Ride on Monday. I considered going out and running the virtual race yesterday anyway but decided it was best to just wait until today. I had 6 miles on my schedule for today anyway so a 10k worked perfectly.

Liz and I are considering another triathlon for early October. The swim would be half as long and in a pool but the bike ride is still 20 miles and the run is 5 miles instead of the 4 we did last time. Instead of going to the gym for our Tuesday swim, Liz felt like she should brush up on her running so we both went for evening runs. Liz drove to Route 66 for her run and I ran to the park and back for my 10k.

My virtual 10k was a day late so I didn't add my name to the list but I still wanted to run it hard and see what kind of time I could post after two Long efforts on Sunday and Monday and while running the hills of Eureka. Most days, this course takes me close to 45 minutes.

I felt pretty about the effort and I Loved that the temperature was only in the 70's even late in the day. I kept the pace up pretty well and felt really good about my breathing. I finished in 42:01 and joined the Gomer Nation in spirit (even though I was a day behind).

Goal For The Day: Virtual 10k Race.
Distance: 6.20 Miles.
Time: 42:01. 6:47 Avg. (6:51, 6:24, 6:40, 6:46, 7:03, 6:51, 1:24*)
Route: To Route 66/Home/Added .20 Miles
Conditions: Mid-70's. 6:30PM.

Notes: My legs definitely felt a little heavy but not as bad as I expected. It took a while for the post-bike-ride stride to wear off. My stride was shorter and quicker at first but opened up as the run went on. Great weather!

Daily Miles: 6.20 Miles.
Blog Totals:
  Run - 275.24 Miles.
  Bike - 122.45 Miles.
  Swim - 9,050+ meters.

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