Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Postseason Priorities

I'm still avoiding early-morning running. I used last night's Middle Distance run as an excuse to save today's planned Hill Repeats until after work. I'm needing more sleep now that each run is getting longer and longer and I thought it best to sleep an extra hour this morning instead of getting up to run. How's that for rationalization?

The problem is, I didn't think about my evening plans. Liz and I have dinner at a local Mexican restaurant with some of our good friends every Wednesday after work. A couple of hours with good friends and free chips & salsa at El Nopal are a much needed pick-me-up in the middle of the work week. And tonight, dinner was followed by the final baseball game of the Cardinals' regular season.

It's been a roller coaster year for the Cardinals and things were looking pretty dreary at the beginning of the month. But thanks to a great string of wins (and the Braves falling apart), the Cardinals were suddenly in the hunt for the postseason!

(I Love seeing the birds on the bat in October!)

Instead of going for my run, I found a comfortable spot on the couch and cheered the Cards to victory tonight! This was easily the most exciting night of regular season baseball I've ever seen... probably more exciting than some days in the playoffs.

The Cardinals beat the Astros easily, holding up their end of the deal. The Braves, however, took their sweet time losing to the Phillies in 13 innings. I have to give the Phillies credit for playing so hard in a game that they really didn't need to win.

(Chris Carpenter is a stud.)

There was a similarly amazing story of comebacks and collapse in the American League as Tampa Bay made a miraculous run to beat the Red Sox for the Wildcard spot. Take that, Sox!

So the Cardinals are in the postseason and square off against the Phillies this weekend. The Phillies are intimidating but somehow, we won 6 of 9 against them this year so I'm feeling optimistic. (I'm always optimistic when it comes to the home team.)

No running today and today's post was a little off-topic, but sometimes priorities change and missing one set of Hill Repeats won't ruin my training. Now it's time for me and the Cardinals to have a great October!

Goal For The Day: Hill Repeats (Skipped).
Distance: 0.00 Miles.

Notes: There's a chance we could see a Cardinals vs. Yankees World Series. How would that be for a side story to my trip to New York?

Daily Miles: 0.00 Miles.
Blog Totals:
  Run - 375.42 Miles.
  Bike - 144.45 Miles.
  Swim - 10,050+ meters.

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