Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Changing Weather

The temperature dropped 22 degrees over the past 24 hours. Our high today was in the 70's at 12:30 this morning. It feels like fall!

Of course, with the cold front came rain and the rain lasted all day. I didn't go out this morning because it was cold and the rain wasn't letting up. Normally, I really like a run in the rain, but not when it's cold and windy. So I saved my run for after work and everything fell into place nicely. The rain stopped right as I drove into Eureka and my run was chilly but dry.

I ran more hill repeats today on Top Notch. Last week I did 6 sprints up the hill and today I did 8. Today felt a lot harder than last week and by the third interval I realized it was because the wind was blowing down the hill. Every time I turned to run back up, I was fighting the steep incline and a solid headwind.

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When I started up the hill for the 5th time, I seriously considered stopping at 6. But the 6th went well and felt easier for some reason. Halfway through the 7th I noticed the wind had died down and I didn't have as much resistance. I finished all 8 and took a quick hot shower in time to meet everyone for our weekly dinner.

It was a chilly run and my hands were nice and pink by the time I finished. The low tonight is supposed to hit 45 degrees so tomorrow morning's 10 miles are going to be brisk!

Goal For The Day: Hill Repeats.
Distance: 4.05 Miles.
Time: 34:26. 8:31 Avg. (7:52, 8:18, 9:17, 8:34, 0:24*)
Route: 8 x Top Notch.
Conditions: 55 degrees. 5:30PM.

Notes: Not the most quality hills I've run but I felt good about getting all 8 in. Found my stride (and ditched the wind) for the last 3.

Daily Miles: 4.05 Miles.
Blog Totals:
  Run - 298.90 Miles.
  Bike - 122.45 Miles.
  Swim - 10,050+ meters.

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