Sunday, June 19, 2011

Snot Gonna Happen Today

Liz and I made a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks this weekend to celebrate Father's Day with her parents and my Mom and Rick. It was a great weekend full of boating and quality family time. Two days of perfect weather made for good times on the water but my nights were a little rough. My potential sinus infection (which I now think is some kind of head cold) continued to bother me all weekend and was especially annoying at night. I felt fine except for a nose that wouldn't stop running and increasing fatigue from a lack of sleep.

Ideally, I would like my Saturdays to be flexible in my training schedule. Saturdays could be used as a day off, a day of cross training, or an occasional race day. I planned for this Saturday to be a day off from running and to just enjoy a day at the lake.

I would like my Sundays to be reserved for my weekly Long Run. I had planned to get up early this morning (around 7:00ish) and get in an easy 6 miles. I was looking forward to running near the condo because any change of location is a welcome change of pace. Unfortunately, Saturday night was the worst night of sleep so far and I maybe got three hours of semi-restful sleep. I just couldn't breathe and tossed and turned. So when the alarm went off in the morning, I decided more time in bed was a better idea than being completely exhausted all day today. My Long Run will just have to be pushed back a day. So, after a weekend of used Kleenex, twice daily Neti Pot rinsing, and nightly NyQuil, I can say I'm feeling a lot better and have my fingers crossed for a good night's sleep. Hopefully, I'll be in better shape for a run in the morning!

Goal For The Day: Rest

Notes: An awesome day at the Lake of the Ozarks. No strenuous physical activity at all. In fact, a nice recovery nap on the boat!

Goal For The Day: Long Run

Notes: Very little sleep last night. Skipped today's run but hope to make it up tomorrow. Another nap on the boat and I was feeling better. MUCH less snot today so hopefully, I'm over the worst of it.

Total Blog Miles: 7.50

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