Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No Autographs, Please.

I'll never be able to show my face in St. Francis County again without being mobbed. Or... maybe I won't be able to show my hip.

There was a story about Saturday's 5k in the Daily Journal and this is the photo they decided to include of me:

Awesome! It reminds me of this link that the Gomers posted on their facebook page:

The reporter actually took a picture of me smiling and trying not to look too horrible after the race, but she apparently decided this candid shot was better. I'll try not to let all of this major publicity go to my head!

I ran a completely new route after work today. It was too nice outside to run 6-8 miles indoors on the treadmill so I parked at the gym and went for my run through Fenton. It wasn't the most scenic route, but it's always interesting running somewhere new. I made a right coming out of the parking lot and followed the outer road until it dead-ended at the Soccer Park. Then I crossed under Hwy 44 and made my way back along the northern outer road. I ran past the exit for the gym and crossed at the next road that spans the highway. It was almost exactly 6 miles by the time I was back at the entrance to the parking lot and I stopped at an even 6 to walk back to the car.

Then I met Liz at the pool for another outdoor swim. 900 meters this week. As awkward as my breathing felt on the run, I felt more relaxed in the pool. More relaxed, but still slower than Liz! It's awesome swimming outside while the sun is setting. Some clouds rolled through and we thought the swim might be cut short by rain, but it blew over.

My back has been fine. It didn't even bother me after Sunday's Long Run. I'll call the PT tomorrow, but I think I might not need any more sessions. We'll see what she says.

Goal For The Day: Rest.
Distance: 0.00 Miles.

Goal For The Day: Middle Distance.
Distance: 6.00 Miles.
Time: 42:47. 7:08 Avg. (6:50, 6:49, 6:59, 7:15, 7:17, 7:33).
Route: Fenton Outer Road Loop.
Conditions: Mid-80's. 5:30PM.

Goal For The Day: Swim.
Distance: 900 meters. (200, 250, 250, 200).
Location: Fenton Rec Center Outdoor Pool.

Notes: I was still in a bit of a racing mindset and the first couple of miles were faster than they should have been. I would like to average 6:45ish miles in the next month or so, but it was too fast for this week so I backed off the pace a little. A nice, breezy head-wind for the first part of the loop. It was at my back for the back-stretch but not nearly as cooling.

Daily Miles: 6.00 Miles Run. 900 meter Swim.
Blog Totals:
  Run - 244.43 Miles.
  Bike - 98.53 Miles.
  Swim - 9,050+ meters.

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