Sunday, August 7, 2011

Logging Miles Without Breaking My Back

I logged onto yesterday afternoon and the radar showed a pair of thunderstorms heading to Eureka. We had a two hour window between the storms to fit in a bike ride. Unfortunately, by the time we finished some work around the house, the window was closing and the hot/humid weather was enough to talk us out of the ride.

Saturday is usually a scheduled day of rest and yesterday was no exception. My back has been feeling marginally better the past couple of days so it wasn't hard to convince myself to take a day off. With no workout yesterday, I decided to go for a ride today instead of a run. This way, I can take tomorrow off too and that will be a full week without stressing my back with a run. Then I'll see the chiropractor for my follow-up appointment tomorrow afternoon and hopefully get some answers.

Liz and I took the bikes out at 10:00 this morning. It was already hot and humid but it wasn't bad as long as we were moving. Liz took her second test-ride of a friend's road bike. This was her first long ride with clips. She almost bit it before we reached the end of the street, but she did great after that. I definitely fell more often when I started using clips!

It was a relaxed, slower ride with lots of chatting. We rode through The Legends and over to Rte. 66 for a quick lap before heading home. I think Liz is liking the feel of a road bike but the one she's on isn't fit to her, so it isn't as comfortable as it could be.

(Riding at Route 66 State Park.)

It was nice to keep my legs moving without jarring my back but I'm ready to get back to running. It's supposed to be cooler this week so I would like to get out and take advantage of the morning temperatures.

Goal For The Day: Bike Ride
Distance: 0.00 Miles (Postponed).

Goal For The Day: Bike Ride
Distance: 14.49 Miles.
Time: 1:19:42. 10.9 mph Avg.
Route: Through the Legends/To Rte. 66/One Lap/Home.
Conditions: 83 degrees and humid.

Notes: A nice 'Romance Ride' on a Sunday morning. Made up for any calories burned with an early birthday lunch with Mom and Rick at Red Robin! Yummm!!!

Daily Miles: 14.49 Miles.
Blog Totals:
  Run - 160.84 Miles.
  Bike - 82.17 Miles.
  Swim - 6,200+ meters.

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