Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Week Of Preparation

Well, for settling down after the marathon, I did a decent job of staying active this week in an attempt to set a PR on Thanksgiving. I've been busy with work and teaching at Jeffco (the semester is wrapping up) and I didn't have a ton to say about this week's workouts so I decided to just do a week in review instead of daily updates.

I'm still trying to figure out my format for this blog as I move past New York. It was a daily (or almost-daily) motivational tool for myself while I was training for the marathon. I know I won't write every day now but I haven't decided if I'll still update with each workout or if I'll do weekly summaries. Decisions, decisions.

So, here's my week of workouts:

Monday was a day off. No running of any kind.

Tuesday involved a trip to the gym with Liz. I did a little lifting and ran a mile on the indoor track while I waited for her to meet me after work. 9.5 laps around the crooked little track is a mile so I don't run on it very often. I didn't even time myself today... how's that for off-season running?

Liz and I swam 3x300 meters and I could tell it's been a while since I've been in the water.

Goal For The Day: Swim.
Distance: 900 meters. (3 x 300m).
Location: Fenton Rec Center Indoor Pool.

Notes: A token mile on the indoor track and a 900m swim. I don't think today's workout does much for chasing a PR, but it sure felt good!

Wednesday involved a last-minute decision to squeeze in some time at the track. I got home from teaching class early enough that I decided to go for some speed work. Unfortunately, by the time I got home, changed, grabbed my gear, and was ready to go, I was already short on time if I wanted to go to our weekly dinner with friends. I decided to skip the jog to and from the track and just drove to save time.

I planned to run 3 Mile repeats but stopped after only 2. It was much colder than I planned with the sun going down and I couldn't read my stopwatch in the dark so my cold fingers and my inability to check my pace during each mile made it easy to skip the last interval. Plus, it was time for dinner!

Goal For The Day: Speedwork.
Distance: 2.00 Miles.
Time: 2 x 1Mile (5:38, 5:40).
Route: Eureka H.S. Track.
Conditions: 41 degrees/windy. 4:45PM.

Notes: My goal was to run each mile interval between 5:30 and 5:45. I could only really see the stopwatch at the start and finish of each mile so I was happy that both intervals were so close to each other. I should have worn gloves!

Thursday was a day off. No workouts.

Friday I was a good, dedicated runner and got up early to go to the track and run some Bannister Repeats. What a sad way to spend a Friday morning!

I jogged to the track, peeled off a layer of clothes, and ran 6x400m. I found out that intervals in the cold involve just as much discomfort as intervals in the heat. Over the summer, I was obviously uncomfortable while running each 400 but at least the breeze would cool me off. When I stopped between intervals, I got to rest but I was immediately drenched in sweat. Now that it's cold outside, I'm still uncomfortable running each interval and it's now more of a 'wind-chill' than a breeze. Then I would try to stay warm while I wasn't moving between intervals. No wonder track is a spring sport!

The up side was that I was still surprised by how easily the speed came. My goal was the usual 1:15 for each interval and I found I could hit that pace without killing myself. I'm still shocked there hasn't been more of a drop-off after the marathon.

Goal For The Day: Speedwork.
Distance: 5.73 Miles.
Time: 6 x 400m. (1:14, 1:14, 1:13, 1:14, 1:14, 1:14).
Route: Eureka H.S. Track.
Conditions: 40 degrees. 7:02AM.

Notes: 2.15 Mile jog to the track. 6x400m. 2.08 Mile jog home. Goal was 1:15 each. Felt good and was much more comfortable running intervals in the cold with proper clothing.

Saturday was yet another day of rest.

Sunday was my last workout of the week and probably my last workout before the Thanksgiving 5K.

The forecast called for rain pretty much all morning but I was determined to get one more workout in today. When there was a break in the weather, I got dressed in a hurry and started a jog to the track. I wanted to do 3 Mile repeats and then jog home before it started raining again.

I didn't even make it to the track before a light rain started.

I was bundled up for the cold so the light drizzle didn't bother me and the first mile felt really good. The rain picked up just a little for the start of the second mile and every lap seemed to bring more rain. I was walking a lap around the track between intervals and when I got to the far side of the track after the second mile, I thought I heard someone say my name. I looked over and Liz was standing at the gate under an umbrella. She was going to the store and stopped to see if I wanted a ride home. She knew the rain was picking up and thought I might have bitten off more than I cared to chew today. By then, I only had one interval left and I was already wet so I told her I was fine but it was super-sweet of her to think of me!

I ran the last interval in full-on rain and even though it was cold, I think I got my usual boost from running in the rain because I was really happy with my times.

As soon as I started the jog home, my shoes seemed to reach their rain-resistant limit. They didn't bother me at all during the workout but the two-mile jog home involved some very squishy shoes.

Goal For The Day: Speedwork.
Distance: 7.19 Miles.
Time: 3 x 1 Mile. (5:33, 5:36, 5:37).
Route: Eureka H.S. Track.
Conditions: 37 degrees/Rainy. 11:18AM.

Notes: 2.10 Mile jog to the track. 3x1Mile. 2.09 Mile jog home. Goal was 5:30-5:45 each. I'm happy with the times. If only I could run those back-to-back without a break! Then I'd have my new PR! A hot shower at home felt great!!!

Weekly Miles:
  Run - 15.92 Miles.
  Swim - 900 meters.
Blog Totals:
  Run - 599.50 Miles.
  Bike - 144.45 Miles.
  Swim - 14,350+ meters.

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