Sunday, November 13, 2011

Next On My Plate: Turkey

Since I don't have my next big pursuit lined up, I'm focusing on short-term goals. Next up is a challenge from the Two Gomers Run For Their Lives podcast.
Two Gomers Website

The Gomers and I are in similar positions... we don't have any major races on the calendar. Anthony recently became a father and is adjusting to what he and Steven call "The New Normal" so they're doing things a little differently this season. They're starting this season with two challenges to the Gomer Nation:

Challenge #1 - The 10x12 Challenge
The Gomers changed the title of their podcast to better fit their current goal of overall healthier living. Part of that goal is maintaining a healthy weight. Both guys decided they would like to lose 10lbs. by New Year's Day. They're updating the Nation on their progress and inviting people to lose as much healthy weight as they can by 2012. I'm not interested in losing any weight at the moment because I'm fresh off of training for a marathon so I'm sitting this challenge out.

Challenge #2 - A Turkey Trot PR
The Gomers are busy with life's many demands on their time so their setting their sights on a short-distance race. They've been focusing on speed and shorter workouts and hope to set a PR for the 5K distance on Thanksgiving Day. Everyone in the Nation is encouraged to find a local 5K on Thanksgiving and try to run a personal best time. I set my personal best in college and haven't been able to match it since then, but Liz and I both plan to find a 5K to run while we're in Cincinnati for Thanksgiving. We'll do our best to set PR's and report back to the Gomers with our results.

So, for the next two weeks, I'll put in a few speedwork sessions and hope that I can shake off any sluggish post-marathon legs I have going on.

Today was a good start. My intention was to get in an easy middle-distance run to continue loosening my legs up. I ran the Kircher Park Loop and the first mile ticked past faster than I expected. I surprised myself with a 6:49 and felt great so I picked up a little speed on the downhill on Central and really let myself go on the mile leading into the park. I turned for home feeling great and was practically giddy with how quickly the speed came when I wanted it. I really expected more of a drop-off during the few weeks after the marathon. About 4 miles into the run I decided I shouldn't overdo it and eased off the pace a bit but I still finished much faster than I expected.

It's days like this that make me want to go right into another marathon and see what I can do.

Goal For The Day: Easy Run.
Distance: 6.03 Miles.
Time: 40:44. 6:46 Avg. (6:49, 6:29, 6:16, 6:41, 7:05, 7:09, 0:13*).
Route: Kircher Park Loop.
Conditions: 78 degrees. 2:54PM.

Notes: Planned an easy run but the speed felt too good. This is November, right? I shouldn't be shirtless and getting a tan on a run in November!

Daily Miles: 6.03 Miles.
Blog Totals:
  Run - 583.58 Miles.
  Bike - 144.45 Miles.
  Swim - 13,450+ meters.

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