Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dipping A Toe Into Training

When you go swimming in cold water do you ease your way in slowly? Or do you just jump in and get it over with? I know it's probably better to just jump in and not drag it out (like ripping off a band-aid) but more often than not, I ease my way into the water inch by chilly inch.

This week, I've been easing into the training schedule (a.k.a. skipping workouts) in an effort to ease the discomfort of early mornings and cold weather runs. It's amazing how easily the excuses come (see below) and in the end, I only ran twice since Sunday.

I'm getting my groove back though... acclimating to the cold and remembering that early mornings aren't so bad once I'm awake.

Goal For The Day: 55mins Easy.
Distance: 0.0 Miles.

Notes: Decided to take a day to rest. I don't want to do too much too soon and end up injured.

Goal For The Day: Speedwork. 6-10 x 800 meters @ 5 Mile pace (w/ 60secs rest).
Distance: 4.00 Miles.
Time: 8 x 800 meters. (3:05, 3:05, 3:09, 3:13, 3:10, 3:12, 3:09, 3:07).
Route: Parkway Northeast Middle School Track.
Conditions: 26 degrees. 6:00AM.

Notes: Feeling wimpy about the cold and wore too many layers. Felt heavy and slow. Also some stomach discomfort. There's a bigger group this year so lots of weaving in and out. 562 calories (Nike+).

Goal For The Day: 60mins Easy.
Distance: 0.0 Miles.

Notes: After last night's sluggishness and stomach discomfort, I took this morning off.

Goal For The Day: 30mins Easy.
Distance: 0.0 Miles.

Notes: Colin didn't sleep well so neither did we. The alarm was too easy to ignore this morning.

Goal For The Day: Rest.
Distance: 0.0 Miles.

Notes: I stuck to the schedule today! WOMP, WOMP.

Goal For The Day: Long Slow Run.
Distance: 12.05 Miles.
Time: 1:38:29. 8:10 Avg. (8:23, 8:28, 7:58, 8:36, 8:37, 7:38, 7:53, 8:38, 8:11, 7:56, 8:10, 7:33, 0:23*).
Route: Al Foster Trail.
Conditions: 10 degrees. 7:31AM.

I usually do the Saturday long runs on my own near home but this week's run was five minutes from my house and my in-laws are in town so they took Colin duty. The thermometer said 5 degrees when I woke up so the weather wasn't exactly inviting but I layered up and didn't even feel chilly during the run (which meant I was probably over dressed).



Liz has been trying to convince me to run the Al Foster Trail for a long time now and I can see why she recommended it. Even with bare trees, the riverside run through the woods is beautiful. Icicles on the cliffs and some deer along the route made it worth waking up and braving the cold.



In the last few miles, we passed a shallow creek and any branches overhanging the water were covered in frost. We noticed them when the sun was at our back but got the full effect when we turned around to run facing the sun. Then we could see steam rising off of the creek, which froze to the branches, and then the frost built up and became so thick that it fell like snow back into the creek. It was a gorgeous cycle!

Running in 10 degree weather isn't my idea of ideal, but it turned out to be one of those mornings that make you thankful you ventured out.

Notes: I'm still feeling out of shape and I'll be sore even from this slower pace. Time to foam roll. 1,840 calories (Garmin).

Weekly Summary:
Distance: 23.06 Miles.
Time: 2:55:16
Calories: 3,483

  Run - 23.06 Miles.
  Bike - 0.00 Miles.
  Swim - 0.00 meters.
  3,483 Calories.

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